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Update on THE Ohio State University

Our most recent blog was about the word “the” which is the most commonly used structure word and which usually doesn’t really have any meaning. Continue reading

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Michael F. Curtin: Times change, not newspapers’ commitment

Ohio is 214 years old. Ohio’s newspapers are a decade older. Since before statehood, no one has told Ohio’s evolving story more completely and colorfully than its hundreds of daily and weekly newspapers Continue reading

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Amazing Results on the Book “Anthem”

Our Upper Arlington Summer Speed Reading students read Anthem by Ayn Rand on their last day of class. Their average reading speed upon completing the book was 3,160 words per minute and their comprehension a whopping 92%! (Their beginning comprehension … Continue reading

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More Fun Participating in Read Across America

I eagerly participated in Read Across America for the third year with another great visit to Prairie Norton Elementary School and got to read for Mrs. LaGue’s wonderful first grade class. The pictures show the front and back of the … Continue reading

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