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Addicted To Distraction — Great article in the New York Times about Concentration

I have found that more and more it is harder and harder to concentrate and to get things done.  And  I teach people how to concentrate better! Most of the people I talk to about reading confess the same problem. The New … Continue reading

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Summer Speed Readers Soar with Less Stress and More Success!

“I was very skeptical of this class at first, but by the end of the first day I was very excited to learn and grow. This class taught me so much more than I ever expected and I know this … Continue reading

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Is the Internet Ruining Reading?

“The attention span of a computer is only as long as its electrical cord.“–Dan Rather Because of the internet, emailing, and text-messaging on cell phones, we actually do more reading now than we did in the seventies and eighties when … Continue reading

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Reading a “Real” Book Is Better Than Reading on an E-Reader

More fun to read a real book I have  always preferred reading from paper to an electronic device. My Kindle does have advantages as it goes to sleep when I do so I don’t have to find my place when I wake … Continue reading

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The Gestalt: What How to Read the Bible, a Novel and Making Military Decisions Have in Common

I am re-posting this blog as one of my recent graduates wanted to know how to read the Bible.  He was accustomed to reading it one-word-at-a-time.  I told him about this blog and decided to re-post it.  It was written  … Continue reading

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August 9th is Book Lovers Day!

Saturday, August 9th is Book Lovers Day.  I found the following information about it from the website of Holiday Insights: “When : August 9th and/or first Saturday in November. Book Lovers Day encourages you to find a place in the … Continue reading

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To Annotate or Not To Annotate/Brush Strokes or Picture?

“The thing that bugs me most about annotations is that they make what could be a 10-minute read a half hour read instead.” –Caroline C., Hinsdale Central High School In January 2012 we posted reasons students are reluctant to read, … Continue reading

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