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Excellent Hints to Encourage Children

Head Start listed some excellent hints for teachers to encourage children. Good for teachers and parents for children of all ages.   I think some of them are good for co-workers, managers and spouses as well! Head Start Teacher Tips

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“The” Blog About “The”

“The” is a structure word that is often used as a content word as in it is referring to the only thing or only one that matters. E.g. as an ordinary structure word:  “I’m going to get “the” groceries.” As a content … Continue reading

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Next Reading Hint: Learn to Study Like You Learned to Draw

 In the last post we said that reading is “getting meaning and adding it to what you already know.”  This time we’ll address how to get prior knowledge and use it to have better comprehension.  Most people have already been … Continue reading

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Myths About Speed Reading–Are They Really READING It?

A common question I’m asked after telling people how fast our graduates can read at the end of our courses (average of 1,200 words per minute) is are they really reading it?  So I start our speed reading classes and seminars … Continue reading

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More Fun Participating in Read Across America

I eagerly participated in Read Across America for the third year with another great visit to Prairie Norton Elementary School and got to read for Mrs. LaGue’s wonderful first grade class. The pictures show the front and back of the … Continue reading

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Try This New Excercise–Stretch Your Mind in 2013

“In choosing a president, we really don’t choose a Republican or Democrat, a conservative or liberal.  We choose a leader.“–Rudy Giuliani Personally, I don’t think many people do this–but they should!  Informed voters can. “I am sure that every one … Continue reading

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