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Update to the Update on THE Ohio State University

Our most recent blog was about the word “the” which is the most commonly used structure word and which usually doesn’t really have any meaning. Continue reading

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Today’s Exhausted Superkids–the Value of Sleep

The following is a follow on from a parenting article in the Washington Post that kids need more sleep.
The original was from a 2015 article in the New York times written by Frank Bruni: Today’s Exhausted Superkids. “There are several passages in the new book “Overloaded and Underprepared” that fill me with sadness for American high school students, the most driven of whom are forever in search of a competitive edge. Some use stimulants like Adderall. Some cheat.

But the part of the book that somehow got to me most was about sleep.”
Continue reading

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Fake News Confronted by Educators, World Wide Newspapers and the Columbus Metropolitan Club.

Schools are teaching their students to investigate the news they read Continue reading

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Masters of Deceit–How to Trust?

In 1958 J. Edgar Hoover wrote a classic “Masters of Deceit.” Now days there are a lot of Masters of Deceit. How do we find what is true? Continue reading

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Excellent Hints to Encourage Children

Head Start listed some excellent hints for teachers to encourage children. Good for teachers and parents for children of all ages.   I think some of them are good for co-workers, managers and spouses as well! Head Start Teacher Tips

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Around the World, We Celebrate Light – Solstice Traditions

Going along with the previously posted blog on Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas is this re-blog from Confident Parents Confident Kids:   Around the World, We Celebrate Light – Solstice Traditions.  As depressing as it is when the days get shorter and shorter, … Continue reading

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Celebrate Banned Book Week: September 18 – 24, 2022

“The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its shame.“ –Oscar Wilde This Blog was first posted in 2013.  Banned Book Week is annual observance starting in 1982 sponsored by the American Library Association, in … Continue reading

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