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My Kid’s School is Closed, So Now What?

Originally posted on confident parents confident kids:
Supporting your Children’s Social, Emotional, and Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic By Guest Author, Pamela McVeagh-Lally As the spread of COVID-19 causes more and more school closures across the United States, we,…

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In Honor of Presidents’ Day I am re-posting the following blog: What Do Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, JFK, and Jimmy Carter Have in Common Aside from Having Been President?

Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, JFK and Jimmy Carter were all speed -readers. See how they did it. Get a special offer for yourself. Continue reading

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Great advice on the benefits of bad advice

This was written by Valerie Biehl a leadership and team coach at Thrive Purpose.

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Update on THE Ohio State University

Our most recent blog was about the word “the” which is the most commonly used structure word and which usually doesn’t really have any meaning. Continue reading

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The is about to be a copyrighted content word!

The as a content word. The Ohio State University is all in the news lately about copyrighting the word “The”. Continue reading

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Building Confident Kids Online Event — Coming Soon!

Originally posted on confident parents confident kids:
Next week, April 7-12, check out the free online conference hosted by full-time teacher and Mom Heather Davis. This 5-day online event includes interviews with experts focused on how we can authentically build confidence…

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Celebrating Read Across America

Originally posted on Speed Reading Plus Blog!:
“The more that you read, the more things you’ll know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.“–Dr. Seuss 1st graders listening to Seuss I love Read Across America for personal…

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