Update to the Update on THE Ohio State University

OK–now The Ohio State University was actually able to copyright the word “The“!

Below is a link that gives updated information a previous blog about the word “the”.


The good news that I discovered when reading the article linked above is that “the” is just owned by OSU for use for on sportswear and other kinds of memorabilia. We can still use it as a structure word. When I learned that they one the right to own it, I was about to get humorously creative in how to substitute in everyday speech.

Ok, I think I’ll still do it. And I would love you to send some more!

Let’s go across the street. — Now–let’s go over there. I need to find the key to the car. Now–I need to find my key to my car. Is the mail here yet? Now–Is there any mail yet? What is the weather forecast? Now–Is it going to be sunny, rainy, windy, hot, humid or all of it?

Now it’s your turn to get creative!

My former blog:

Our most recent blog was about the word “the” which is the most commonly used structure word and which usually doesn’t really have any meaning.

However, The Ohio State University (my Alma Mater) alphabetizes itself under T instead of O.  Recently I shared that they were trying to copyright the word THE when used with any reference to it.  Very embarrassing as most of those who saw the news articles were making fun of this effort.  The update is that the efforts were not successful.  Feel free to use THE anytime you wish.

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2 Responses to Update to the Update on THE Ohio State University

  1. Is for me too. Just thought it was pretty weird that they want to own the word.


  2. Terry says:

    It will always be “THE” Ohio State University for me. It really ticks others off when I do that. 😉


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