Children with Dyslexia or ADD Are Gifted Speed Readers

Since it is National Dyslexia Month, we are re-posting this as it is still helpful and accurate.

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Students with dyslexia and/or ADD tend to get the hang of speed reading faster than others; in fact, quite often they are the most gifted of speed readers. Jeffrey Freed and Laurie Parsonsexplain why this isin their 1997 book,Right-Brained Children in a Left-Brained World. All children with ADD and dyslexia are right brained, whereas most other people are left brained. The right-brain functions include art, music, intuition, imagination, and visualization; the left braingoverns analytical thought, logic, language, science, and math.

Unlike normal reading, which takes place in the left brain, speed reading occurs in the rightbrain.Students withADD or dyslexia often struggle with learning to read and are placed in remedial programs, but these programs encourage their readers to slow down and take their time. This is exactly the wrong thing to do.It is essential thatstudents with ADD or dyslexianot read slowly, as their”minds work visually and often at…

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