The Gestalt: What How to Read the Bible, a Novel and Making Military Decisions Have in Common

Just had a recent graduate ask how to read the Bible and decided to re-post this. Would love to have your feedback.

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NT WrightI am re-posting this blog as one of my recent graduates wanted to know how to read the Bible.  He was accustomed to reading it one-word-at-a-time.  I told him about this blog and decided to re-post it.  It was written  in 2014 originally, but it is still up to date.

This blog was inspired by a sermon given by Jim Mehler at the Gathering service at Covenant Presbyterian Church last Sunday who showed us a part of a video interview with N. T. Wright, a Bible Scholar from England who has written a number of well-known books.  The video is How to Read the Bible, the Whole Sweep of Scripture.  Mr. Wright’s suggestion was completely different from what I had ever heard before.  Some of the people on Facebook believe that reading the Bible means taking a quote out of context to say “I’m right and you’re wrong.”  Some of…

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