The Results Are In–Our Summer Speed Reading Students Really Score!

This is a repost from last fall–but very timely now because we are now taking enrollments for another exciting summer of meeting wonderful youth and helping them reach and exceed their scholastic goals.  One of our courses is almost full!  Click here for our current schedule.

I think SpeedReading will be very helpful in the future with the upcoming school year and also for my SAT/ACT tests.  I think it will also be very useful in college and also  in general Thumbs Upwhen I need to take noes-and not just any notes, but organized ones.  Also, this will help me to get done with my homework quicker, allowing me to have more time to sleep. (Which is very hard when you play sports.)”–student at Olentangy Liberty HS

Thank you parents, grandparents, school counselors and coaches for sending your wonderful students to us.  Thank you to all of our participants who had to get up early and work so hard to achieve these amazing results.  You are why we love our jobs!

Our summer speed reading students continuously amaze themselves and their families. (We knew they could do it, but we were excited as well!). Eighty students ranging in grades from beginning 7th graders to graduating seniors–and a few adults continuing their education–took part in this summer’s six classes. The average beginning score was 240 wpm with 69% comprehension. Their average ending score was 2,399 wpm with 89% comprehension. That’s a Reading Efficiency Increase (REI) of 12.89 (1,289%)!  (Reading Efficiency Increase compares the beginning speed and comprehension with the ending speed and comprehension.)  We promised 3 – 5 x’s!  Click here for our complete summer results and student comments.

Our classes not only focus on increasing speed, but also emphasize strategies for increasing comprehension, recall, and retention, with study techniques for mastering and organizing information for exams, reports, and presentations. Our students get their work done faster with better results and find that they enjoy reading more. They have more confidence and skills for their ACT, SAT, OGT, AP courses, and college. They have time to participate in their sports and music, get good grades, and–as some reported as the biggest benefit–still get some sleep.

Now that it is spring, we have one weekend course coming up very soon for adults and teens to reach their education and career goals in this Columbus, Ohio class now so they can have more time for fun in the sun.  And it is time for youth who are going into 7th grade through seniors in high school to make plans to soar to success in a summer class.
Our classes are excellent for the weak reader who needs more confidence and the excellent readers burdened with AP courses and activities who want more time.

Bonnie James



About Advanced Reading Concepts

President and co-founder of Advanced Reading Concepts Speed Reading Plus, I'm passionate about helping people reach their career and education goals through superior reading skills.
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