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This is an excellent article especially right now when people are investigating summer opportunities for their children through a ton of summer camp expos. I see the coming and goings of our neighbors with kids and they are exhausted. We feel our course gives them time to better balance activities with homework getting done faster and getting much needed sleep. But some sports seem to have requirements that go on all year and the kids think that they can’t do anything else.–

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Extracurriculars by Jennifer MillerExtracurricular activities – whether before school or after school or in the community – are implicitly optional. They are, as the word implies – “extra” – in addition to school. As a parent, the choices can be freeing and helpful or confusing and challenging and perhaps, a little of both. And to add to the complexity, our families don’t merely have ballet or piano or soccer from which to choose. There are any number of additional special interests that could be explored such as robotics, pottery or martial arts. Because there are so many considerations related to extracurriculars, I thought I would explore the many complexities, ask a number of parents how their parents handled the situation and how they have decided to manage “extras” with their own children and then examine other social and emotional developmental factors in the mix and see if any helpful suggestions emerged.

First let’s acknowledge that many…

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Bonnie! Yes, summer camp sign ups are upon us and they are lots of considerations – family needs, child needs. Helpful to do some reflecting before acting. Happy Spring and hope all is well! Best, Jennifer


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