Celebrate the Mighty Women in Your Life with These Books (Including Yourself)

Stories of Mighty Women to inspire the women in your life. Great blog from A Mighty Girl

Stories of Mighty Women to Inspire on Mother’s Day and Every Day!

“Moms can be an incredible source of inspiration, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use a little inspiration themselves! Stories of the incredible women of past and present aren’t just great to share with young readers: they’re also a great gift when you want to honor a special woman in your life. With that in mind, in a new blog post, we’ve gathered a selection of biographies for adult readers which tell the stories of Mighty Women, all perfect for Mother’s Day gift giving!

The biographies featured showcase a diverse array of women from around the world in fields including science, entertainment, politics, athletics, and more. Some of the featured women are famous figures from the past, while others are women who are active today, boldly continuing to change the world. All of them have a fascinating story to tell and each one shows the power of an individual to make a difference in her unique way.”


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