Reading a “Real” Book Is Better Than Reading on an E-Reader

fun reading a book
More fun to read a real book

I have  always preferred reading from paper to an electronic device. My Kindle does have advantages as it goes to sleep when I do so I don’t have to find my place when I wake up and I don’t have to drag as much with me to read when I fly.  News on E-Reader

But when I’m home or in a hotel on business, I like real paper  and now studies back me up.  They indicate that if you want to read faster, and comprehend and retain more, it is better to read from books, magazines, and newspapers, not from a screen. Click on the link below to read Froma Harrop’s inspiring editorial on paper vs. screen reading.  Looking for Something to Read? Paper is best pick.  It is an excellent article.

In her article she also points out that children learn best through sharing books with their Parents and Children Reading parents instead of playing with an electronic device.  And research has also proven that we all can learn better by taking notes by hand (we use more parts of our brains) than on an electronic device.  Don’t get me started on how I feel about school districts forcing little kids to take standardized tests on-line!

Another blog will give hints on how to read books on your E-reader more efficiently.  If the people who make them had taken my Speed Reading course or read my other blogs, they would have designed them differently.

–Bonnie James and Judith Barker


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