Your Greatest Investment Is the One You Make In Yourself

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 This is a repost of a blog posted on October 27, 2014 by S.Anthony Iannarino with his permission.

“There is no greater investment that you can make than the investment you make in yourself.

“There is no greater return on investment on Earth that is greater than the ROI on books. I don’t care what the price of gold, oil, water, real estate, or pork bellies is right now, the return on investment from a single book outstrips all others. On the shelf behind me are a half-dozen books, let’s call it $150 worth of books in hardcover when I bought them. Those half-dozen books have helped me generate literally hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. The ROI is incalculable . . . and still growing.” (Go to link for the rest of his blog.)

I contacted the author for permission to repost this blog because his title is something we say to people almost everyday.  The ROI for being informed and increasing thinking skills through books is enormous.  And of course the ROI for being able to read these books with greater speed and higher comprehension is even greater.  When we teach business professionals both at their work and in our public Speed Reading Plus(TM) classes, we talk about the ROI as in how getting 3 hours of reading done in 1 hour creates time for more reading or for getting other things done. The ROI from efficient reading is enormous for students as well!  The financial investment in education is huge–investing in the skills to make that education investment be successful creates the payoff.  This is why our courses for students are a popular choice for those getting ready for college and entrance exams.

I saw a sign on an HR manager’s office wall once that said:  “Reading is expensive, but the reading that you don’t do is even more expensive.”  It’s the difference between a long-term investment of time versus a long-term return on that investment.  In our busy lives it is important to remember that sometimes it is necessary to take the time to save time for the greatest ROI both personal and corporate.

If you want, take the time to look at some of our previous posts for suggestions for how to increase your ROI when you are reading. The following are some of them:
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And a physical way to read faster: The Above the Line Hint.

Please give us some feedback and let us know if you would like more information.  Thanks!

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