The Results Are In–Our Summer Speed Reading Students Exceeded Expectations!

grandview class 2014I was very skeptical of this class at first, but by the end of the first day I was very excited to learn and grow. This class taught me so much more than I ever expected and I know this opportunity will help me so much in the future. Thank you so much!
–Sara N., Upper Arlington High School

Why we love our jobs! Our summer speed reading students amazed themselves and their families. (We knew they could do it, but we were excited as well!). Fifty-two students ranging in grades from beginning 7th graders to graduating seniors–and a few adults continuing their education–took part in this summer’s five classes. The average beginning score was 238 wpm with 71% comprehension. Their average ending score was 2,422 wpm with 88% comprehension. That’s a Reading Efficiency Increase (REI) of 12.65 (1,265%)! We promised 3 to 5 times.

Our classes not only focus on increasing speed, but also emphasize strategies for increasing comprehension, recall, and retention, with study techniques for mastering and organizing information for exams, reports, and presentations. Our students get their work done faster with better results and find that they enjoy reading more. They have more confidence and skills for their ACT, SAT, OGT, AP courses, and college. They have time to participate in their sports and music, get good grades, and–as some reported as the biggest benefit–still get some sleep.

Now that summer is over, we help teens and adults reach their education and career goals in our Columbus, Ohio weekend classes and increase the productivity of corporate, military, and government groups in our on-site classes nationwide. And that’s fun for us, too.

–Judith Barker and Bonnie James

About Advanced Reading Concepts

President and co-founder of Advanced Reading Concepts Speed Reading Plus, I'm passionate about helping people reach their career and education goals through superior reading skills.
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