Congrats to Central Ohio High Schools

There are places I’ll remember all my life.”–Lennon and McCartney

Columbus Alternative High School

Columbus Alternative High School

Since we are based in Columbus Ohio, we give a shout out of congratulations to the five central Ohio high schools ranking in the top 500 of The Washington Post‘s Most Challenging High Schools and in the top 10 in Ohio.  The index formula to rank the schools is the number of AP, IB, and AICE tests given at the school divided by the number of seniors who graduated that year.

Upper Arlington High School

Upper Arlington High School

Columbus Alternative came in at 261 (4th in Ohio), Upper Arlington at 277 (5th in Ohio), Olentangy Orange at 292 (6th in Ohio), Olentangy Liberty at 304 (8th in Ohio), and Dublin Jerome at 376 (10th in Ohio).  Making the top 1000 were Olentangy at 501 (15th in Ohio), Bexley at 614 (18th in Ohio), and Dublin Coffman at 798 (20th in Ohio).

Dublin Jerome High School

Dublin Jerome High School


We are especially excited because we conduct our summer Speed Reading Plus Study Skills( TM) classes at both Upper Arlington as part of the Summer Academy  and Dublin Jerome High Schools as part of the Dublin Schools Enrichment Program (along with the Wellington School and New Albany High School) and have taught them in Bexley as well.

Many of our students take our classes to do well in their AP courses.  Well done central Ohio students and teachers and those who provide the opportunities and the tools for successful challenges! For more information on the top 500 and other challenging Ohio high schools, click on the article’s  link.

Judith Barker and Bonnie James

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