Leaders Are Readers

Our friend Erik Jul has some excellent points on reading in this blog.


As a student of my own job, I read a lot.  It’s become a rewarding habit.  That wasn’t always the case for me.  So I understand if reading is not a significant part of your life.

In August, 2007, the Washington Post published the results of an Associated Press—Ipsos poll that found one in four Americans had not read one book in the previous year.  The median number was four (half of poll respondents read more, half read fewer).

To me, these are astonishing and sad numbers.

You do not have to tell me how many books you have read in the past year, but, whatever the number is, as a leader you will need to read more, even if reading is not a love, or even a habit, with you now.

You will need to read more because leaders are after breakthrough results, and reading feeds the mind with the…

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