November musings: No-vember, Now-vember and Rush-vember

nowvemberReflecting on Subway’s special $5 deals reflected in their marketing called Subtember, I started thinking about this month that is almost gone.  (Maybe I’ll repost this in 11 months.)

We have elections in November.  And many exercise their right to vote by pushing the NO lever as many times as there are issues.  So the month can be called No-vember.

I am trying to get the people (and myself) who have been procrastinating improving themselves and to finally keep their resolutions by calling this month Now-vember.  And there is still time, potential ARC speedreaders to sign up for a course in 2013 to put the Now in Now-vember!

But as I look at the calendar and look at the pile of things not gone through on my desk, the Thanksgiving groceries not yet bought, the Christmas presents to begin to figure out, I think the rest of this month is Rush-vember!

Happy Thanksgiving and good luck in Decide-ber.

What other months do you want to rename?

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