Summer Speedreading Students Score!

One of ARC’s Student Summer Speedreading Classes

This has been and probably will be the most important and valuable course I will ever take.  The time I will have now to do other things will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much for allowing me to trust myself and liberate myself from my ‘old ways.’“–Corey H., UAHS

It has been a long time since we have added to our blog.  That’s because this was our busiest summer season ever.  Seventy-five students took part in this year’s six summer classes.  Plus, Bonnie taught a class of teachers and several classes of marines!  The average beginning score for these teens was 245 wpm with 66% comprehension.  Their average ending score was 2315 wpm with 87% comprehension.  That’s a Reading Efficiency Increase (REI) of 12.46 (1,246%)!  We promise an increase of 3 to 5 times.  Our class of seventh graders in Cincinnati scored some of the highest scores ever.  The students now have more confidence, desire to read, and skills to excel in their classes.

Our class of teachers learned techniques on approaching text books that they intend to pass on to their students.  Their beginning comprehension scores were phenomenally high, yet they still finished with an average REI of 5.17 (517%).  Their average beginning score was 378 wpm with 86% comprehension; their average ending score was 1829 wpm with 92% comprehension.

Unlike our public courses, which ran four or five days, the marines’ courses ran a day and a half.  The first day was devoted to building speed and the second to technical reading.  The marines will now be able to get through their intel reading faster with better comprehension, thus keeping our country safer because they can better handle the massive amounts of information coming to them daily.  The average beginning score for them was 226 wpm with 53% comprehension.  Their average ending score was 1075 wpm with 87% comprehension.  That’s an REI of 7.81 (781%).  Pretty impressive for a nine-hour course.

Next up–the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma.  In upcoming posts, Bonnie will share some of the experiences, adventures, and insights from the wonderful people she met through all of these summer classes.

–Bonnie James and Judith Barker

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  1. Very cool. I’m trying to improve my speed reading skills, and I’m trying to find good software to help out with that. Any suggestions?


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