Today is More Than Just Friday the 13th!

I found out that there is more going on today than Friday the 13th!  And both special days fit into how people perceive life and learning new hard things–like speed reading!

Today is also “International Skeptics Day” as well as “Make Your Dreams Come True Day”.  I don’t think these days are celebrated by the same people, do  you?  There are people who have “that look” whenever I tell them I teach speed reading.  And I know that no matter what statistics I give them, they will choose to believe that it is black magic or vodoo or snake skin oil.  A man recently attended one of my introductory lessons  on the “Myths of Speed Reading” who asked me half way through the seminar why anyone would want to read fast.  And he is a professional!  I asked “Does your mind wander when you read?”  He said “yes.”  And I said “there’s your answer.”  But he still had “that look.”  Hope he celebrated his day today.  Of course with the silly season called Primaries we are all feeling that way right now;  it would be nice just to have one day be Internatonal Skeptics Day and be done with it. 

Now about the “Make Your Dreams Come True Day” — if there is something holding you back from achieving yours, find how to get the skills, motivation or resources to achieve them.  Use this day to find out how to achieve them.  And if you read this blog after January 13th — make your own “Make Your Dreams Come True Day.”  Maybe you want to get some coaching, enroll in some classes, contact resources through LinkedIn, start your own business or buy the boat.  Or maybe you will decide to devote the time to finally take a speed reading course as the first step in gaining the confidence and information gathering skills in preparing to achieve those dreams.  That is unless you are still  stuck celebrating “International Skeptics Day.”  If not, ask us about how we can help with those dreams. 

And about the Friday the 13th part of today, it’s really OK to let a black cat cross your path, rub against your feet, or walk on your keyboard.

About Advanced Reading Concepts

President and co-founder of Advanced Reading Concepts Speed Reading Plus, I'm passionate about helping people reach their career and education goals through superior reading skills.
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